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Schedule a Panel / Event
How do I schedule a panel at SoMe?
Congrats on deciding to venture into the exciting fun of panel hosting. You'll love it. And it is easy to do.

1. Think of a panel. This is the hard part.

2. After you log in, go to the tab labeled Schedule.

3. You will see Click Here to Manage Your Events Panels.

4. On this screen follow the prompt to Create Event Panel, then fill out the rest of the form. Click the agreement square at the bottom and submit.

***Note on rating: currently all the time slots will take up to an R rating so you can give your panel any rating you see fit.***

5. The panel will now come to me for approval. I'll try to check on the list every few days, so check back.

6. Once the panel is approved, you can put it on the schedule in any unclaimed time slot. Go back to the Schedule page and click on Schedule Your Event / Panel. 

7. All the panels you have created will be in a pull-down menu. Go to the time slot, and click the panel you want in that time slot. 

8. Bingo! You are good to go. 

If you check the other prompts on the Schedule page, you can see all your panels as well as print your schedule.

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